some words

*people do whatever they wanna do but they doesn't think what the others will feel.
*they realize what they feel but they just don't want to explain.
*if you want to make a conclusion, you have to hear the story from the both side.
*sometimes people hate someone who's being a copycat but they doesn't realize that they are just the same.

That's all for this night. for your information, i write this in my diary when i feel like i want to. So if you seen this before, maybe it just a fluke. More will come :D

we can do better next time

I thought its going to be sooo like small matter lah, but seems like I'm going to get extra plus biggest G for my addmath. Oh gosh, hoping we can do it better on tomorrow. So tomorrow's paper are biology and history. Want to see my results? Don't you dare because you will regret it. HaHaHa -,- so that's all for today status. byeee you olz. hidup mesti kena reggae. :D peace yo

test is really testing me out

Start from today till this thursday, we have our examination, maksud saya, test yg kecil kecil aje. But all the subjects are really stressing me out. Arghh this is so killing me, so my target, i hope setakat lulus sudah lah brai, chill sudah, baru test satu kot. Test satu? Then how about the next and next and next and next and stop right there. Allah, tolong saya ye. Saya nk main tengok jiran punya jawapan tk blh dah sebab semua muka yg tk main tengok tengok ni. So dengan ini saya anak kepada Azmi bin Aman ingin mengucapkan Goodluck for everybody yg sedang menjalani ujian itu dan banyakkan bersabar okay kawan. Including me ofcoz. :)
peace out, byee chillahh <3

not to be forgotten, Happy birthday to Dania Afdahani Md. Ali, we all love you. mah mah girlfriend ;)

nobody's perfect

jessie j
I love her voice, her style. auww auuww. Two song of her that i like a lot are this ----> Nobody's perfect andd ---> Who you are. I love it. Hoyeh. She's from London ya. Freaking gorgeous voice she had. Can you give it to me? Can can? Tkp lah, kalau tk blh aku tk kisah, suara aku boleh tiru dah suara kau. Ha ha ---> perasan lah tu. haiyooo okay that's all for today

p/s; i hurt my waist AGAIN during the cross country. memang tk atlit lah kan -,-

jogging, delighting you always

As you can see, current age, most people LOVE to jog. -,- same goes to me. Ha ha, so this evening, i jogged with my friend, Izzati Mokhtar. Haha, kitorg jog around house area je. Mana larat nk jog jauh jauh. And then, kitorg main buaian dkt taman.So this friday, ada cross country peringkat sekolah. doakan saya yg terbaik ye---> jangan lah Amirah ni collapse separuh jalan. Ha Ha 0.0 I'm not athlete type. :D 

p/s: kepada sesiapa yg akan menjalani pertandingan merentas desa, petang petang tu, pi lah jog, jommahh bukan susah pun. lovee yaaa <3